Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the maximum pressure ratting of valve?

The Maximum pressure ratting of valve is up to 4000 psig.

Q What is the maximum temperature ratting of valve?

The maximum temperature ratting of the valve is up to 343°C.

Q What surface finished do you offer?

Surface finished we offer up to 0.2 Ra EP.

Q What types of End Connections you offer?

We offer End Connections like - Flanged, Triclover, Butt weld, SMS etc.

Q What is your Maximum Valve size?

6” is our maximum valve size.

Q What are the Manufacturing & Testing standards you follow?

Manufacturing & Testing Standards are ASME –BPE, ANSI B16.34.

Q What are the typical applications for your valves?

Pilot Plants, CIP/SIP applications.

Q What certification is provided at no extra cost?

We provide Material Test Certificate & Final Test Certificate without any cost.

Q What is the Standard lead time for your valves?

36 hours to 4 weeks.

Q Do you offer after sales service in India?

Yes, we have a team of servicing technicians in India.